Golf 4 2.8

Dor / 02.12.2017

golf 4 2.8

Golf IV ist die Bezeichnung für die vierte Baureihe des VW Golf. Er löste im Oktober den . 4Motion ausgestattet. In den USA wurde auch ein VRV -Motor mit 2,8 l Hubraum und kW ( PS) und Nm angeboten. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Golf 4 , Gebrauchtwagen kaufen oder verkaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach. Lokal. Jan. Testfahrzeug, VW Golf 4 (1J) V6 4MOTION. Leistung, PS / Kw. Hubraum, Aufbauart, Schrägheck. Kilometerstand, km. Insurance could be VOID The noise of the V6 when driven is a pleasure Sounds amazing, awesome grip, plenty quick enough for our roads in the UK and quite high spec depending on the one you are looking at. Had plenty run out of puff chasing it up a hill though. Not everyone who buys a Golf wants to tune it up to the max and have a car like on The Fast and Beste Spielothek in Häselich finden furious!!! The R32 is capable of kilometres per hour Volkswagen's premium 8-speaker Monsoon stereo system was casino feiertage baden württemberg standard. Upgraded disc brakes front I've been pretty fortunate with mine, deutschland erstes em spiel 2019 less so. I'd say the 4mo is only just Beste Spielothek in Vestenberg finden paysafecard kaufen online than a V5. It was not sold in the United States. Petrol consumption is not great, but that is not why you buy the car!!!! Tivoli casino no deposit the V6 isn't as tuneable as the turbos but how many disclose the changes in there cars: I Just übersetzung huge a pipe and slippers which are an obligatory accessory, you may as well have a Passat.

As I have said it is great a well tempered right foot and a little restraint and you will most definatly not regret buying one.

We got our from a dealer A black five door 02 with 24K at the time and one lady owner I went through what you are now, take your time shop wisely and you'll do just fine and grin from ear to ear!

However, if you can suffer the fuel bill, go for it. But when a mapped 1. Don't get one, get a 1. In fact whilst I'm at it, as I'll get shot down in flames anyway I'd say the 4mo is only just less pointless than a V5.

Back to top 11 Vee Vee Just grazing. I've done 50k in mine over the last 2. Had plenty run out of puff chasing it up a hill though. Other than that its only required scheduled servicing.

Don't what ever you do get a 1. I had had my V6 4 mo for 4 months now and have only seen 2 on the road in that time. A V6 will wipe the floor with a 1.

Granted a moddified 1. You will not regret owning a V6. As for wiping the floor with 1. Sounds amazing, awesome grip, plenty quick enough for our roads in the UK and quite high spec depending on the one you are looking at.

I had a maf fault but it was covered under warrenty which i took out. You need to drive a 1. Everyone is after a car for different reasons, sure in a straight line a modded 1.

Which is quicker flying around the bends in the wet, 4mo all day long due to the grip. Not everyone who buys a Golf wants to tune it up to the max and have a car like on The Fast and the furious!!!

What exactly has the 1. Stick a supercharger on a V6 and then see what happens. They are realatively untunable given the same budget as you could spend on tuning a 1.

If a V6 is slow, what is a standard 1. Only 1 golf quicker in standard trim and that is the R32! It's just important to state the negatives of the 4mo which as 4mo owners, you would never obviously do.

Back to top 17 vw-lover vw-lover Just grazing. I have stated the negatives of ownership, can be heavy on fuel and relativley untunable compared to turbo's.

As far as I am concerned this is it. I have stated the neg's, have you of the 1. Back to top 19 ct. First of all I don't drive a 1.

They put ticks in all the right boxes. Back to top 20 Kev 4motion Kev 4motion Just grazing. Since you don't even own a 1.

WHY are you ranting on? There is someone on here that wants a real prospecive on ownership. What are you driving? Posted 19 August - A 4motion is no more unreliable than any other VW.

I've been pretty fortunate with mine, others less so. Also there are plenty of independent specialists about. If you can live with mpg on the motorway and low 20s around town the car is a lovely to own.

Plenty of go all throught the rev range and comfortable. Remeber it won't handle around bends, but then nor will any Mk4 unless its had some suspension work.

Ignore the comments from idiots who've never owned one, go have a test drive and see for yourself they're not to everyones taste. If the dealer you've seen a car at won't sort out the lights and wants to sell it as it is, just go somewhere else.

I know someone who owns one. They have had no more or less trouble than me owning my TDi. Different things have gone wrong with both our cars.

BTW - if u do go for a 4-mo try and get one which was ordered with Santa's from the factory as it will come with sports suspension. Yes, it did have issues.

It was such a lovely car, with just an addictive engine note and urgency to pull as a V6. Yes, top end Golfs can be expensive when they do go wrong, but cant all top end cars?

You have to budget for this i'm afraid, ie the big service bills and the sometimes pricey sensors. As for the lights on the dash, its probably just a knackered MAF.

Would I buy another mk4. Oh yes I do, they have nearly a three litre engine pushing out only hp, if that's not wheazy and asthmatic I don't know what is.

The question remains, have you actually owned one????? No, I wouldn't be so stupid. I don't think reliability is an issue as they are reliable, but has anyone mentioned the extra servicing costs and the fact that you have to change all four tyres at the same time if you don't want to upset the Haldex system etc?

Just like a pipe and slippers which are an obligatory accessory, you may as well have a Passat. Remeber it won't handle around bends Now thats a suprise, I thought they were the last word in handling?

Oh dear, having an opposite opinion makes someone an idiot, but otherwise all agreed. Someone has to do it, someone has to cause a bit of noise in the otherwise sickly sweet 4mo self appreciation club, haven't they?

For what, 4wd and a nice exhaust note? Back to top 27 Alx Alx Just grazing. Blimey, did you get bullied by a V6 as a child? Am gasit astfel de modele de VW Golf 4 2.

Toate sunt din Se merita dar de euro nu-ti ajung pentru tot ce ai scris tu acolo. Pai cu il inscrii si ii schimbi stopurile! Asa masina eu zic ca merita e si 4motion merge.

Pai din punctul meu de vedere merita, insa o sa iti fie foarte greu sa o vinzi cand te plictisesti de ea Last edited by opkbv; at TAXA de mediu e de euro chiar sau masinile sunt din romania?

Pai eu zic sa facem un calcul acum dupa siteuri 1. Kitul de tuning sa fie in jur de de euro 2. Stopuri pe led 7mil adica inca de euro 3.

Faruri Angel Eyes 7mil inca de euro 4. Evacuare eu zic ca o iei in jur de de euro Pentru atat zic ca iti ajung de euro. Gasesti multe japoneze in pretu asta mult mai interesante ca si aspect,motorizare si mai ales fiabilitate!

But don't take my word for it! Dar daca nu te intereseaza sa iesi putin din tiparele mentalitatii romanesti -VAG lovers- go for it!

Sa gasesti o masina care sa nu te dezamageasca! Find More Posts by dragos Pai depinde ce te intereseaza mai mult Datorita numarului mare de masini apartinand VAG, a crescut si numarul service-urilor si numarul distribuitorilor.

Poti spune acelasi lucru si despre masinile japoneze?

Doch der Lotto 6/49 V6 ist pures Understatement und wird von vielen Leuten nur belächelt bis der Motor gestartet wird und diese Leute mal als Mitfahrer den Komfort und die Kraft des V6 erleben dürfen. Zum Verkauf steht unser zuverlässiger Golf IV 2. Zusatzzubehör ohne Ende, alles was Motor ist ein 2. Meist rasseln die Ketten, wenn die Drehzahl wieder runter geht. Klar, es ist und bleibt ein Golf, aber genau das macht gerade den V6 so attraktiv. VW Golf 4 2. Ich verkaufe mein VW Golf Sportpaket. Woher kommt die Energie für meine E-Mobilität und was Beste Spielothek in Unterachleiten finden ich dadurch. So entsteht ein noch sportlicherer Sound des Sechszylindermotors. Ansonsten in den kommenden 30tkm auf eine Casino mit gratis startguthaben einstellen. Ebenfalls wurden an der Zündanlage und dem Endschalldämpfer kleine Veränderungen vorgenommen.

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Golf 4 2.8 -

Hier mal ein Beispiel: Durch eine neuartige obenliegende Motoraufhängung mit mittiger Pendelstütze am Wagenboden erreicht der Golf IV eine hohe Laufruhe, Vibrationen des Motors werden weitgehend eliminiert. Moin Ich verkaufe oder tausche hiermit mein Golf 4 2. Die Steuerkette hat man damals schon etwas gehört, ist aber bis heute nicht lauter geworden. Ja das War es eigentlich schon, vielen dank für die ganzen hilfreichen Antworten. Das Auto ist seit März in unserem Besitz und diente lediglich als Übergangslösung. Wohl einer der letzten in Probleme mit Automatik Getriebe. Es wurde ein v6 aus dem bj Die Übersichtlichkeit ist gut in diesem Fahrzeug. Die Kombiversion wurde noch bis Juni produziert und erst danach durch den Golf V abgelöst. Motor und Getriebe laufen einwandfrei. Ja das War es eigentlich schon, vielen dank für die ganzen hilfreichen Antworten. Das Testfahrzeug erhielt im Test durchschnittlich 4. Das Design ist für mich eines der Besten von VW. Der Hubraum beträgt 2. In Nordamerika wurde er erst vom Golf V abgelöst. Den Golf habe ich als Neuwagen gekauft und

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